As Ohio Goes...

Monday, October 17, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

Wednesday, October 19, at 9pm on ThinkTV14

Since 1896, the Buckeye state has picked the commander-in-chief 28 out of 30 times – a frequency unmatched by any other state in the union – but why? What makes Ohio the bellwether state in presidential elections?

The answer lies somewhere in the state’s invisible geographic borders known to scholars and strategists as The Five Ohios, a phenomenon that says Ohio – and its parts – is a political microcosm of the nation as a whole. With commentary from some of Ohio’s top political science minds, along with the voices of many Ohioans, As Ohio Goes... travels the state to shine a light on what every presidential campaign must understand: to appeal to voters in Ohio is to appeal to voters across the United States.

As Ohio Goes... also captures voices from each of the Five Ohios and feature snippets of historical importance to our state, with the intent of revealing how the past paints the present, and how it is the accumulation of our votes throughout history that have turned Ohio into the bellwether, swing state it is today. After all, As Ohio goes, so goes the nation.

As Ohio Goes... was produced by Public Media Connect and distributed to public television stations statewide. 

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