Africa’s Great Civilizations

February 27, March 1 & March 2 at 9pm on ThinkTV16

Africa’s Great Civilizations, the latest three-part, six-hour documentary series hosted, executive produced and written by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., travels the length and breadth of Africa to chronicle the continent’s history from a firmly African perspective. Gates’ journey takes him from the city of Great Zimbabwe to the pyramids of the Kingdom of Kush in Sudan, from the spectacular rock-hewn churches of Lalibela in Ethiopia to the continent’s oldest university in Fez, from the Blombos Caves in South Africa to Ancient Mali, the empire of King Mansa Musa, still thought to be the wealthiest person ever to have lived.

Africa’s Great Civilizations was original scheduled to air on three consecutive nights, but will be interrupted by the State of the Union Address. Here’s the updated broadcast information:

Part 1 – February 27 from 9pm to 11pm on ThinkTV16
Part 2 – March 1 from 9pm to 11pm on ThinkTV16
Part 3 – March 2 from 9pm to 11pm on ThinkTV16