Call the Midwife Season Five

Sundays at 8pm on ThinkTV16

It’s 1961 and Poplar is beginning to feel the winds of social change, along with improvements in housing, sanitation and healthcare. Among the complex and challenging cases the nurses and midwives face are two babies born with severe deformities.

Episode 1
Sunday, April 3, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

A couple disagrees over the future of their child, born without arms and legs. Patsy, elated to find Delia fully recovered from her accident, is dismayed to learn that Delia's mother wants her to move back home to Wales.

Episode 2
Sunday, April 10, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

Barbara is caught between a stressed expectant mother and her impecunious husband. Sister Evangeline's vocal objection to the sale of baby formula distresses a new mother who's unable to breastfeed.

Episode 3
Sunday, April 17, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

The pressure is on at Nonnatus House to find the source of a dangerous case of typhoid. The community reacts to the pregnancy of an unwed schoolteacher.

Episode 4
Sunday, April 24, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

Sister Julienne's faith is tested by a limbless child and how a teenage pregnancy poses a problem for a young man who must choose between pursuing his studies or staying in the tenements to provide for his fiancee and their child.

Episode 5
Sunday, May 1, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

Professionals like the Turners are reassessing their lifestyles as they fight for respiratory health for patients. See the unforeseen consequences of Fred's oversight of Violet's shop and how a new mother's past wreaks havoc on her family.

Episode 6
Sunday, May 8, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

See the consequences of a woman's decision not to report a rape and a mother's decision to conceal her daughter's pregnancy. Shelagh and Timothy secretly organize a long-overdue family camping holiday.

Episode 7
Sunday, May 15, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

Witness Dr. Turner's excitement about the contraceptive pill, Patsy's struggles to help a transient woman determined to avoid the maternity home, Nurse Crane's help in a post-natal emergency and the return of Sister Evangelina.

Episode 8
Sunday, May 22, at 8pm on ThinkTV16

Join the residents of Poplar as Dr. Turner jumps into action to prevent further infant deformities, Nonnatus House tries to cope with a tragedy and there’s joy all around at a wedding reception.

Call the Midwife

Season 5 | Episode 6

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The world may be moving forward, but women are still laboring under social shaming.