Dead Reckoning: War & Justice

March 28 from 8pm to 11pm on ThinkTV16

Civilians worldwide are increasingly the targets of war crimes. This unprecedented, three-part series examines the evolution of postwar justice in investigating genocide, ethnic cleansing and other atrocities and in prosecuting the perpetrators.

The General’s Ghost
March 28 at 8pm on ThinkTV16

Discover how laws and mechanisms for international justice were created after World War II.

The Blind Eye
March 28 at 9pm on ThinkTV16

Learn how the Cold War obstructs postwar justice. Individuals make efforts to expose war crimes.

In Our Time
March 28 at 10pm on ThinkTV16

Postwar justice has been revitalized over the past two decades. It’s limitations are examined.

Dead Reckoning

Interview: Thierry Cruvellier

Aired: 2017-03-29 00:00:00 2:27 Rating: NR

Thierry Cruvellier has dedicated his career to examining international criminal justice.