Remembering Muhammad Ali

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Monday, June 6, 4pm, ThinkTV16Again; Tuesday, June 7, 9pm, ThinkTV16 Again; June 9, 11am, ThinkTV16Again

Monday, June 6, 4pm, ThinkTV16Again; Tuesday, June 7, 9pm, ThinkTV16 Again; June 9, 11am, ThinkTV16Again

Muhammad Ali's path from a gym in Louisville to boxing successes, conversion to Islam, opposition to the draft, exile from the ring, comeback fights, Parkinson's disease and his inspirational re-emergence at the Atlanta Olympics.

Independent Lens “The Trials of Muhammad Ali”

Tuesday, June 7, 10:30pm, ThinkTV16; Wednesday, June 9, 9pm, ThinkTV16Again

This film covers Muhammad Ali's toughest bout: his battle to overturn the five-year prison sentence he received for refusing U.S. military service. It explores Ali's exile years when he was banned from boxing and found himself in the crosshairs of conflicts concerning race, religion, and wartime dissent.

Also available online: 


The life and legacy of boxing titan Muhammad Ali The life and legacy of boxing titan Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali on Black Culture Connection

From Chief Programming Officer Jim Wiener


I like Daniel O’Donnell shows.  Where are they?
Linda P., Kettering

The Irish crooner whose style could be described as “Easy Listening” to the 10th power has a new special.  DANIEL O’DONNELL:  BACK HOME AGAIN airs 3/5 @ 6:30pm on ThinkTV 14, and 3/7 @ 8pm on ThinkTV 16.

You're having a show on THE ASSASSINATION OF LINCOLN: AMERICAN EXPERIENCE tonight (1/17/16). Don't you feel it's inappropriate to show it - right before Trump's inauguration?  You have certainly lost our respect - there will be no more money donated to your station.
Deanne F., Dayton

The Lincoln documentary was on the national PBS schedule and preceded the first of a two-part FRONTLINE on "The Divided States of America."   To me, the connection between the two programs was that today's political polarization has been described as extreme as it has been dating back to the Civil War.

Now FRONTLINE’s "Divided States" WAS intentionally scheduled to air days before the Inauguration because it chronicled the increasing polarization through the Obama Administration and heading into the Trump Administration.

Keep in mind that the Lincoln documentary originally aired in February of 2009.  It has aired a few times over the years with no one voicing complaints about it being inappropriate.   It will also air again on Lincoln’s Birthday (2/12) on ThinkTV 14.

With all this said, let me serve some notice.  There’s one movie we’ve aired several times dating back to 2004.  Two years ago, it was again made available to us to air in February 2016  and again this March. 

So it’s purely a coincidence that MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE is slated to air 3/25 at 8pm on ThinkTV 16.1.

No more DOC MARTIN reruns.  We need new episodes please!
Mrs. William S., Dayton

Here’s the deal with DOC MARTIN. 

The 8th season won’t arrive until January of 2018.  Even then, their idea of a “season” usually consists of only 8 episodes (you’d think they were assembling Porsches by hand rather than using an assembly line).  And they recently announced that the 9th season will be their last, and that won’t arrive to the states until January 2020!

So the question for DOC MARTIN fans is whether we continue keeping a weekly presence with repeats (the renewals do cost us), or simply discontinue the repeats and wait to air the new seasons?  Let me know at