The Teaching Chef: Dayton Cooks with Chef Edward Stanziano

The Teaching Chef: Dayton Cooks with Chef Edward StanzianoExecutive Chef Edward Stanziano shares recipes and cooking techniques as he transforms simple ingredients into an elegant meal in the premiere of this new ThinkTV production.

Classic Mixed Green Salad, Chicken al forno (baked chicken Italian-style), Seasoned Broccoli and an easy-to-prepare Baked Alaska are on the menu. As he prepares the meal, Chef Stanziano explains and demonstrates basic cooking techniques that make cooking fun and easy.

A very special piece of equipment will be used to prepare the Baked Alaska - Julia Child's KitchenAid mixer. Production plans for the 1999 television series "Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home" included a new KitchenAid mixer. When the requested piece of equipment arrived at her home, Ms. Child returned her old mixer to KitchenAid, it had been in her home and used on numerous television shows for many years.

"Dayton Cooks with Chef Edward Stanziano" was taped at the KitchenAid Experience in downtown Greenville, Ohio.

Recipes: Chicken al Forno Marinara Sauce Baked Alaska with Ganache Ganache Meringue Croutons

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