As a child’s decision to drop out is not a sudden act, but a slow process of disengagement over time, our commitment to accelerating academic achievement must also be over the long haul. You can help.  Many of you already are. So, we asked community groups, policy makers, teachers, parents, and youth themselves, “what can be done?” and they answered. Here are a few concrete and active ways that YOU can LEARN, SHARE, VOLUNTEER, DONATE, and ADVOCATE to help build a grad nation.


Learn more about the dropout crisis and what public media is doing to help communities combat the problem. Watch videos, listen to radio segments and continue research on your own.


Spread the Word and Advocate

Like ThinkTV on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, @thinktv. Spread the word by posting stories and information to your own page, and use the #amgrad hashtag on Twitter.


Volunteer and Donate

Connect with one of our American Graduate partners and donate your time as a mentor or tutor. You could also support your local public media station by making a donation.


Start a conversation

Talk to your friends and community members about the dropout crisis, and the steps we can all take to make a difference. Solutions exist in your school, church, and community centers that we have not been able to list here.

Be A Champion

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