Can access to quality preschool make a difference in the life of a child or the future of a community? Those discussions are happening across the country and right here in the Dayton region. Join us for The Power of Preschool with host Marsha Bonhart for a look at how other cities have successfully mounted universal preschool programs and what a Preschool Promise program could look like in the Dayton region.

Guests for the discussion include: Mindy Cline, Principal of Primary Village North; Michael Colbert, Montgomery County Assistant Administrator for Development Services; Bob Curry, Partner, Thompson Hine; Dr, Thomas Lasley, Executive Director, Learn to Earn;  Debbie Lieberman, Montgomery County Commissioner; Dr. Alonzo Patterson, Pediatrician, PriMed Physicians; Jim Spurlino, President and Owner, Spurlino Materials; Dr. Richard Stock, Business Research Group, University of Dayton and Reverend Vanessa Ward, Omega Baptist Church.  The program also features Jennifer Landrum, President and CEO of the Denver Preschool Program.

The Power of Preschool will air at 8pm Thursday, Nov. 19, on ThinkTV16 with a simultaneous online live-stream above.

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