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The 41st Annual GreatTVAuction

ThinkTV's GreatTVAuction - April 16-21 2018

This year’s GreatTVAuction was a huge success! Over the course of six days, we raised nearly $200,000 to support the important mission and programs of ThinkTV! We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to our entire community for supporting this event!

Hundreds of donors, dozens of sponsors and thousands of hours of volunteer time all combined to make this event a success. Without the support of these groups, the GreatTVAuction would never hit the air. We are so proud to have such a large family of supporters right here in our community!

The 2018 GreatTVAuction is scheduled for April 16-21, 2018. Mark your calendar! Click here for the GreatTVAuction Fact Sheet.

Be an Early Bird Donor by submitting your donation now!  Click here for the GreatTVAuction Donation Form.

For additional information concerning ThinkTV’s GreatTVAuction, call the Auction office at 937-220-1669 or email us at