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Four-for-One Gift Campaign

Donate a Gift Card

Next time you're out, pick-up a $50 gift card to give to your public television station - it's a gift that will give four times over!

  1. When you purchase the gift card, you're supporting local business in our community!
  2. When you gift the card to your public television station, you're providing the means to raise more funds for our station!
  3. When the station puts the gift card up for Auction, the funds raised go directly to support the mission and programs of ThinkTV that are at work in our community!
  4. The Auction buyer then spends the gift card in our community keeping jobs and money in the local economy!

Donating is easy! Simply pick-up a Visa/Mastercard gift card (valued $50 or more) or a card to your favorite store, gas station, or restaurant in our community! Send the gift card (with activation receipt) to the station in an envelope with your name and return address. We'll send you a thank-you letter for you contribution and tax purposes! The gift card will then be for sale on our fundraising Auction!

Mail Gift Cards in an envelope that includes your return address to:

Attn: Auction Department
110 S Jefferson St
Dayton, OH 45402