The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, a new seven-part, 14-hour documentary by Ken Burns, will air next week. New episodes will premiere at 8pm and encore at 10pm nightly Sunday... read more

The Time Team is tackling four new archaeological mysteries on the next two Tuesdays in the new season of Time Team America. From an 1830s plantation to the bones of a massive... read more

Austin City Limits, the longest-running music program in television history, has come a long way since the Willie Nelson program used as a pledge program in 1975. The show,... read more

Everyone’s favorite Belgian super sleuth Hercule Poirot is back for one more season of solving! David Suchet (Henry VIII, The Way We Live Now) returns to this signature role... read more

Witness the special connection between animals and humans in a new four-part series, My Wild Affair.  This new series premieres at 8pm Wednesday, July 16, on CET and ThinkTV16... read more

It’s hard to believe that we have to wait another SIX MONTHS for new episodes of Downton Abbey. How can we survive more than 180 days without the wit of The Dowager Countess of... read more

The National Memorial Day Concert is back this year – and its celebrating 25 years of honoring our men and women in uniform, their families at home and all those who have given... read more

After eight weeks of Sunday night drama, another round of Mr. Selfridge and Call the Midwife seasons is coming to an end. The finales for these shows will both air on Sunday,... read more

Everyone loves a good show about sharks. And although CET and ThinkTV won’t be buying rights to Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives any time soon, we ARE presenting a mini shark... read more

Now that the weather has warmed up after this cold winter, we’re all clamoring to get outside – and Arthur and his friends are no different! In fact, this week is Outdoor Week... read more

The Address, a 90-minute documentary by Ken Burns, will be broadcast on ThinkTV16 and CET at 9pm Tuesday, April 15. In the film, Ken Burns tells the story of a tiny school in... read more

ThinkTV16 and CET are launching Think Wednesday – a new primetime line-up featuring television’s best nature, science and technology programming. Nature and NOVA will continue... read more

The program The Story of the Jews with Simon Schama premiered on March 25th on both CET and ThinkTV16. We aired the first two episodes, Among Believers and In the Beginning,... read more

  Sunday night dramas are back!  

March is Women’s History Month – a time specifically dedicated to remembering and celebrating the international contributions of women past and present. In honor of women’s... read more

For two weeks every March, we turn to our community and ask for support. We have other fundraisers and drives throughout the year, but March is the biggie for us and the money... read more

Even if you’re a huge Call the Midwife fan, we know sometimes you just can’t make the original broadcast date. Or your DVR was full and didn’t record. Or you meant to watch it... read more

After close to a year of anticipation, Downton Abbey’s fourth season brought us eight weeks of delightful drama. We laughed, we cried, we shook our fists, we sighed at Edith…... read more

Some of the most famous characters of the Wild West – Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – will be featured on American Experience in one lawless night on Feb.... read more

For most of us, the decision to move out of a community or change religions doesn’t mean being totally cut off from your friends and family. But for the Amish, leaving the... read more

Although Sherlock is back, the first episode left the one question still unanswered: How did he do it?  

The third season of the hit Masterpiece Mystery! show Sherlock is almost here! The first of the three episodes – “The Empty Hearse” – will premiere at 10pm Sunday, Jan. 10, on... read more

With the end of the year upon us – and many considering making their final 2013 donations – we thought we’d tell you a few things about CET and ThinkTV you might not have known... read more

Christmas morning should be a time to spend with family – enjoying the spirit of the season, snacking on gingerbread cookies and relaxing.  

In an era when it seems like half the shows on television are crime dramas or based in a police station, most people are familiar with words like crime scene investigation,... read more

Christmas is a magical time for many all over the world – and the same was true for the soldiers fighting in World War I in 1914. For one evening on December 24, 1914, French,... read more

CET and ThinkTV are thrilled to announce that veteran journalist Tom Brinkmoeller is writing previews for a new section on our station websites called Mark your Calendar!  

It’s been almost 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. But what actually happened? Was there a cover-up? What about a conspiracy? Although... read more

The 150th anniversary of The Gettysburg Address is Nov. 19, 2013 and Ken Burns – in conjunction with his upcoming PBS documentary The Address – has challenged America to... read more

For the week of Halloween, CET and ThinkTV are excited to bring you an American Experience presentation of one of the scariest stories of all time – War of the Worlds.  

Everyone loves a good superhero – from the feminine strength of Wonder Woman to the outlaw allure of Wolverine, it’s great to think there are people in the world with extra... read more

If you’re longing for a fresh dose of turn-of-the-19th-century fashion, then get ready for Masterpiece Classic: The Paradise.  

History and science come together for the premiere of Genealogy Roadshow. The four-part program airs at 9pm Mondays from Sept. 23 through Oct. 14 on ThinkTV16 and CET.  

The first major television documentary series to chronicle the history of Latinos will premiere on ThinkTV16 and CET over three consecutive Tuesdays – Sept. 17, Sept. 24 and... read more

  On the eve of the 50th anniversary of The March on Washington, we’ll be celebrating with the premiere of The March at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV.  

Move over Endeavour, Sherlock and Foyle, Masterpiece Mystery! Silk is making its way to ThinkTV and CET this summer. This show is about a group of British lawyers, called... read more

The CET/ThinkTV On Demand has been upgraded to include watchlists, social tools and more.

Now that we’re into August and summer vacation is starting to wind down, we thought we’d share some light-hearted – and kind of fun – facts with you. Here are five facts you... read more

CET and ThinkTV kick off their annual fall membership drive this weekend with some new and interesting programs including 60s Girl Grooves, Inside Foyle’s War and Straight No... read more

Whether you’re a professional or budding photographer – or even if you just like taking pictures with your phone – we have a cool new program just for you: See. Snap. Send!  

To celebrate one of the hottest times of the year, ThinkTV and CET are getting cozy with some of nature’s biggest cats. That’s right! We’re presenting “Three Weeks – Three Big... read more

CET and ThinkTV will be taking a trip overseas and back in time to test replicas of Egyptian royal chariots and explore new insights into Tutankhamen’s death and burial on a... read more

The summer of intrigue is back with a bittersweet ending and new beginning.  

  Wednesday, May 29th, will be a big night for NOVA as the show tackles two timely topics: the Boston bombers manhunt and the Oklahoma tornadoes.  

ThinkTV and CET are getting ready to enter week two of a four part series called Constitution USA with Peter Sagal and the next episode is about one of America’s best loved, and... read more

  For those of us who have driven Interstate-71/75 between Ohio and Kentucky, crossing the Brent Spence Bridge can be a nerve-racking third of a mile. And if you have to cross... read more

    CET and ThinkTV are excited to announce that we’ll be airing Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge from the Holocaust this week. This previously untold story tells the tale of... read more

Public Media Connect, ThinkTV and CET, is gearing up for our two biggest events – The Action Auction in Cincinnati and the GreatTVAuction in Dayton. These televised auctions... read more

As Public Media Connect (ThinkTV/CET) heads into the second half of our March Membership Drive – our biggest membership drive of the year – we know everyone is torn on what to... read more

Each March we host our largest and longest Membership Drive – From March 2 to March 17. During these two weeks, ThinkTV and CET pull together a plethora of special programs of... read more

  Every day women – known and unknown – are making impacts across the globe. They’re fighting to end inequality; they’re serving as the first women leaders of major... read more

  In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, PBS has put together a line-up of complimentary programs to examine the life of Adam Lanza, the evolution of guns in the United States... read more

  Seventy years ago, humans had never seen Earth from space. According to the Smithsonian Institute, the first picture of the blue and green planet was taken in 1946 from the... read more

  This week’s Downton Abbey may be the most talked about episode so far – it has blown up the Twitter-sphere, been all over the blogs and may have caused an increase in tissue... read more

  This week’s Downton Abbey may be the most talked about episode so far – it has blown up the Twitter-sphere, been all over the blogs and may have caused an increase in tissue... read more

  If you’re from Southwest Ohio, you’ve probably been to the Cincinnati Museum Center. You may also have heard that the museum center’s home – Union Terminal – was the... read more

  “I’ve been lucky enough to live through what well might be considered the golden age of natural history filmmaking.” – Sir David Attenborough  

  One of the things we love about being a public television station is the ability to bring you documentaries and features from independent filmmakers – especially through... read more

  This year marks the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation – the order issued by President Abraham Lincoln that decreed all those enslaved in the Confederate... read more

  Are you a Downton Abbey fan? If so, you’ve probably been holding your breath for the third season right along with us. What will Bates’ future hold? How will the politics of... read more

  The tragedy in Newtown has created challenges for many parents – even as far away as Southwest Ohio. How do you talk to kids about scary news? How do you let them know they... read more

  The holidays are the perfect time to get your family to help with the cooking. The kids are home from school, you have to juggle five potlucks, there are a zillion cookies to... read more

  A traditional sight at Christmas time is seeing those shivering souls ringing bells in front of red kettles asking you to support the Salvation Army. Have you ever wondered... read more

  Skunks are mysterious creatures. We see them all the time, just like raccoons and possums, but that doesn’t mean we know much about them. Of course it could be because... read more

What do you know about the manor where Downton Abbey is recorded? How well do you know the actors? What about the costumes? Have any guesses for what’s coming in Season 3?  

  Next week will mark the very first Public Media Connect “Like Drive” on the CET and ThinkTV Facebook pages!  

Attention Antiques Roadshow fans!   Last year, when it was announced that Roadshow would be coming to Cincinnati, WGBH, producing station for the series, received tens of... read more

This week on Market Warriors, pickers Miller, John, Bob and Kevin are off to the races at the Burlington Antique Show in Burlington, Kentucky!   The pickers are challenged with... read more

Brush off your tweed suits, flowered hats and dinner jackets because Downton Abbey is back!  

  Books by the Banks: Cincinnati USA Book Festival will return to the region Saturday, Oct. 20. This special event features more than 100 local, regional and national authors... read more

Welcome to the new Public Media Connect (CET and ThinkTV) blog! I'll be using this forum as a way to share things such as special programs, station news, event updates,... read more