Talking to Kids About Scary News, Helping Them Cope

Talking to Kids About Scary News, Helping Them Cope

Thursday, December 20, 2012 - 11:15am


The tragedy in Newtown has created challenges for many parents – even as far away as Southwest Ohio. How do you talk to kids about scary news? How do you let them know they are safe? How do you keep them safe? How do you offer hope to those impacted?


We wanted to share some resources and insights PBS has assembled over the last few days to help answer some of those questions through the familiar faces your kids already know – like Arthur and Mister Rogers.


The first link we wanted to share is a Mister Rogers’ video recorded just after 9/11. In the video, which many are sharing in the wake of the Newtown shootings, Mister Rogers talks about looking for hope in scary times and knowing that people love you for who you are:


The second resource is the PBS Parents & Teachers guide for “Helping Our Children Feel Safe.” On this site, you can find Arthur: April 9th, a special story about coping with troubling experiences. There’s also information about helping children through difficult times and other links:


If you’re looking for some insight about sharing the scary news with your kids, check out this article from PBS NewsHour:


Do you have any other resources and suggestions to share with others? Post them in the comments.