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"306 Hollywood" on POV

Posted by Kellie May on

Take a magical journey to the house at 306 Hollywood Avenue on POV Monday, March 18, at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16 with 306 Hollywood. This film memorializes and honors the life of the filmmakers’ grandmother Annette Ontell. Housewife, fashion designer and beloved family member, Ontell lived seven decades in the same house — 306 Hollywood Avenue in Hillside, New Jersey.

Ultimately a profound reflection on how we examine and deal with the past, the film is a quirky instruction manual on how to live in the present. With extrapolations ranging from the Rockefellers to Rome, 306 Hollywood peeks into odd corners and explores shifts in scale.

306 Hollywood is unique not only because of the story, but also because it’s a Magical Realist Documentary. Here’s what the filmmakers had to say about their documentary style on their website:

“Myths, fairy tales and magical realist stories have been used for generations to articulate our deepest fears and ease life transitions. These narratives employ a powerful storytelling technique called ‘normalized magic’ where unreal elements appear in an otherwise realistic world. 306 Hollywood uses magical interventions to open the story to greater possibilities, to express the inexpressible, to plumb the psychological truths that escape our everyday language.

306 Hollywood deals with the visceral experience of grief and the psychological nature of memory. These topics are difficult to fully grasp through interview and vérité footage alone. Thus 306 Hollywood applies the techniques of normalized magic to the documentary form in an effort to explore the deeper truths of our story.

We believe that real life stories should be as entertaining and accessible as narrative films. Towards this end, we expand the language of documentary by incorporating influences from fictional film, fairy tales, and contemporary art.”

The Hollywood Reporter called 306 Hollywood “one of the more universal and relatable films you’re ever likely to see.” We’d love to know what you think after you watch it! Chat with us on Twitter @CETconnect or @ThinkTV.