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Affordable Gifts for the PBS Fans in Your Life

Posted by Kellie May on

Looking for thoughtful gifts for the PBS fans on your holiday shopping list? We have some ideas to get you started! Plus, if you’re a member and you shop our new Member Store ( and, your purchase helps support our station!

Here are a few of our personal favorites AND they are all $25 or less:


Bob Ross T-Shirt

Who doesn’t need an amazing T-Shirt? Plus, when you wear a Bob Ross T-Shirt, you’re sure to be smiled at throughout the day! Think about all those happy little trees and try this one on for size: And, if you are REALLY into Ross, there’s also a lunchbox:


Poe-Ka Dot Socks

Love the Edgar Allan Poe feature on American Masters this year? We knew you would. We also know you want to wrap your feet in his face. Don’t worry, he looks appropriately moody and the socks are in grayscale:


Turntable Coasters

Whether you were hooked to the Soundbreaking series or you’re ready to embrace your inner hipster, these coasters are cool: Looking for some even more vintage looking? How about these:


PBS Nerd Drinkware

Sure, you enjoy PBS programming, but are you a full-blown nerd? There’s no better way to say it than with a mug, right? Take this puppy to the break room and you’re sure to find fellow Nerds! Check it out: If you’re not into coffee, or you need PBS Nerd ALL DAY, there’s also a glass:


Poldark Coloring Book

If you thought those mandala coloring pages were hard, just wait until you try to match your colored pencils with Poldark’s broody stare:


Mixed Metal Piano Wire Bracelet

Have a few tough buys on your list? This is beautiful and unique: It would also look gorgeous with this Van Gogh Irises scarf:


Downton Abbey Christmas Tea

Whether you were a diehard fan or you just need to channel your inner Countess, it’s tea time: Looking for a perfect pairing, there are seven Downton mugs to choose from at We’re personal fans of this one though:


For the Jane Austen Fan

PBS has long loved the works of Jane Austen and we know we’re not alone. If you have an Austen fan on your list, check out these three items:,, We love a themed gift!


There are hundreds of PBS-themed gifts for all price points – these are just a few favorites!

Also, the Member Stores feature some awesome ThinkTV and CET Exclusives as well as PBS and show-branded accessories, apparel, audio, books, drinkware, tote bags, gifts for kids and more. If you’re a member, you can explore the stores at or Remember that when you shop at the member store, your purchases support your local PBS station!