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Ann Curry Hosts “We’ll Meet Again”

Posted by Kellie May on

Tragedy brings people together – from two children refugees from the Vietnam War to first responders on 9/11.  And while politicians, military leaders and first responded are usually at the center of the story, there is one side of the story we rarely hear about – the side of the people living through it, trying to make sense of what’s going on, living their lives as normal as they possibly can and then moving on from these events to continue their lives like nothing happened. 

We’ll Meet Again, a new six-part series, brings these stories to life and shows a new side of American tragedies, but with a twist. Former NBC News anchor and photojournalist, Ann Curry, searches for people who survived these tragedies to hear their stories and help them reunite with the people who crossed their lives at these pivotal moments. Curry searches through marriage documents, immigration and war documents to find any and all information on friends and lovers that changed each other’s lives forever. Once they are found, Curry reunites the two and shows viewers the good that came out of these historical events.

We’ll Meet Again takes viewers on a journey of hope and courage as stories of love and loss are recounted. You root for these people who have been through so much and want them to find peace with this part of their lives.

“Major events are brought to life in a completely personal way through these memorable stories of those torn apart and thrown together. And how wonderful to have the opportunity to be present at these extraordinary reunions.” PBS Chief Programming Executive and General Manager, Beth Hoppe, said in a press release. 

We’ll Meet Again premieres on Tuesday, January 23, at 8pm on CET HD and ThinkTV16 and airs on subsequent Tuesdays.