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Bernadette Peters hosts "Downton Abbey Rediscovered"

Posted by Kellie May on

For the millions of devoted viewers eagerly awaiting the debut of the new season of “Downton Abbey” on Masterpiece Classic on January 4, 2015, relief is on the way. Downton Abbey Rediscovered airs this week on CET and ThinkTV.

This program offers a tempting sampling of best-loved moments from the past four seasons and a few delectable delights from Season Five. Relive treasured moments from “Downton Abbey’s” first four seasons and get a tantalizing preview of what’s in store for the Crawleys and the staff in Season 5. Video clips, cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage help answer some burning questions: Is Lady Mary ready for romance? Did Mr. Bates kill Mr. Green? What will become of Edith’s baby? Carson and Mrs. Hughes — will they or won’t they? Celebrate the joys, triumphs and intrigue taking place at Downton Abbey — upstairs and down.

Celebrating the series that The Hollywood Reporter praised as “an absolute pleasure to watch,” Downton Abbey Rediscovered is hosted by Tony Award-winning actress, and huge fan of the series, Bernadette Peters.

Downton Abbey Rediscovered

Nov. 30 at 9pm on ThinkTV16, CET and CET Arts

Nov. 30 at 10:30pm on CET

Dec. 3 at 8pm on CET Arts

Dec. 5 at 8pm on ThinkTV14