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"Brazil with Michael Palin" comes to CET and ThinkTV16

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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world – both in terms of population and geography. More than 192 million people call this land their home. Taking up over half of South America, Brazil is a mix of races, religions, sophistication, wildness, wealth, poverty and unexplored wilderness. The country is considered one of the rising global powers – less scary than China, less authoritarian than Russia and less chaotic than India with vast natural resources, a burgeoning industrial base and a strong currency that make it the envy of all.


Join Michael Palin on CET and ThinkTV16 as he visits Brazil and travels from the lost world of Amazonia to the buzzing metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, to meet the people and visit the places that shape this nation.


This series has four parts, which will air on two consecutive days. Here’s the breakdown:


Brazil with Michael Palin: Out of Africa

Monday, June 9, at 9pm

The city of Sao Luis and the coastal lagoons of the Lencois Maranhenses national park are explored.


Brazil with Michael Palin: Into Amazonia

Monday, June 9, at 10pm

The magnificent Manaus Opera House, the Xingu River and the capital city of Brasilia are showcased.


Brazil with Michael Palin: The Road to Rio

Tuesday, June 10, at 9pm

The state of Minas Gerais and its giant mines as well as the city of Rio de Janeiro are highlighted.


Brazil with Michael Palin: The Deep South

Tuesday, June 10, at 10pm

The beautiful town of Parati, the city of Sao Paolo and the wetlands of the Pantanal are visited.


Here’s a preview of the series: