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#Donate on Social Media

Posted by Kellie May on

At ThinkTV and CET, we’re testing a new fundraising project on our Facebook and Twitter pages and all you have to do is type #donate!

As one of a handful of organizations nationwide participating  in this pilot project, both of our stations – CET and ThinkTV – have partnered with Goodworld through PBS national to use their service on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Here’s how it works:


To donate on Facebook, comment #donate and an amount (so #donate $30, for example) on any of our ThinkTV or CET Facebook posts, especially those about the campaign. Or you can post #donate and an amount on our Facebook page itself. Once you’ve posted or commented you’ll get an immediate reply from us to complete your donation. You enter your information, click donate and you’ll receive a receipt with your donation details!


There are three ways to donate on Twitter. You can either (1) post a tweet that includes @ThinkTV or @CETconnect and #donate $amount (example @ThinkTV #Donate $20), (2) Retweet one of our campaign posts about #donate that includes an amount, or (3) reply to one our tweets with our twitter handle, #donate and $amount. Then you’ll get a response to complete your donation!

Houston Public Media ran a #donate campaign back in November. For more on how it works, check out the video they made for their networks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVT51Zp76M4.  

Here’s a quick reminder on where to find our social media pages for #donate and all our posts:



www.twitter.com/thinktv and @ThinkTV



www.twitter.com/CETconnect and @CETConnect

To learn more about the Goodworld service, visit https://goodworld.me/. Thank you for your support!