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Frederick Wiseman's "In Jackson Heights" Coming to ThinkTV

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Maintaining the balance between keeping your ties to the traditions of the country where you grew up and adapting to American ways is challenging, even in one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in the United States – Jackson Heights.

In Jackson Heights, a new film from Frederick Wiseman, looks at the daily life of the people in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York. Wiseman films a vivid and complex portrait of the immigrants who are native to many different countries, from Mexico to Afghanistan. Even with its cultural, racial and ethnic diversity, the people of Jackson Heights are fighting to maintain their beloved community as the face of their neighborhood begins to change with new incoming residents from the city. By exploring these issues, In Jackson Heights magnifies the conflict between maintaining ties to the traditions of their countries of origin and the desire to learn and adapt to American ways and values.


In Jackson Heights will air at the following times:

Friday, January 6, at 9pm on CET

Sunday, January 8, at 1pm on ThinkTV16

Wednesday, January 9, at 7pm on CET Arts


In its theatrical release last year, In Jackson Heights received extensive critical acclaim:

“[In Jackson Heights is] among Mr. Wiseman’s masterpieces. An immersive celebration of democracy. Under Mr. Wiseman’s watchful, empathetic eye, the ordinary rises to the level of poetry,” wrote A.O. Scott, The New York Times.

“The empathy and understanding exhibited in Wiseman’s film is a monumental achievement. [The film’s] surprising intimacy will enthrall viewers. This small film suggests the infinite,” said Jaime N. Christley, Slant Magazine.

Since 1967, Frederick Wiseman has directed 40 documentaries that seek to portray ordinary human experiences in a wide variety of contemporary social institutions. In Jackson Heights is Wiseman’s third film that explores the richness of community life along with his other films Aspen and Belfast, Maine. On November 12, 2016, he received a Governor’s Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science; this honorary Oscar is in addition to the numerous awards for his work, including four EmmysÒ and a Peabody Award. 2017 will mark Wiseman’s 50th year of filmmaking, beginning with Titicut Follies, a film about the Bridgewater Hospital for the Criminally Insane.