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Jim’s November Sleeper Picks

Posted by Kellie May on

Public Media Connect’s chief programming officer, Jim Wiener, has his finger on the pulse of the shows we air on CET and ThinkTV. Here’s what he’s looking forward to this November:


Queen’s Castle

Thursdays, November 3 through November 17, on CET

Windsor Castle is not only a fortress and family home for the Royal Family, it’s a beloved home for more than 400 people who live and work there year-round. See? The monarchy does have relevance in today’s world. The Queen is a jobs creator!

In terms of size and staff, Windsor Castle makes Downton Abbey look like a summer rental. Of course everything must be tip-top, and the pressure’s on as the staff prepares for the Order of the Garter ceremony, the Royal Ascot race, and treat the French President and First Lady to a state dinner AND an abridged version of “Les Miserables,” Yes, even the Royals are not immune to—gasp – dinner theatre.


As Ohio Goes … encore broadcasts

Saturday, November 5, at 8pm on ThinkTV14

Sunday, November 6, at 4pm on CET

Monday, November 7, at 3pm on ThinkTV16Again (16.2)

Not that it will change your mind about voting for Clinton or Trump, but our locally produced AS OHIO GOES… tells you why Ohio has been a bellwether state in Presidential races (picking 28 of the last 30 winners), and how each corner of the state plus its middle captures large sections of our country. The New York Times asked if Ohio was going by the wayside as a critical battleground state. But as we reach the final weeks, the candidates have returned with great frequency.


Tesla: American Experience

Edison: American Experience

Sunday, November 6, at 9pm and 10pm on ThinkTV14

If you want to start a donnybrook among engineering students with pocket protectors, ask them who the better inventor was: Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla? We’re far more familiar with Edison, born in Milan, Ohio, because he was a shrewd businessman as well as a brilliant inventor.

Tesla emigrated from Serbia to America at the age of 28 and worked for Edison before going independent. He’s best known for his work with alternating current and direct current. He made considerable money from his patents, but then poured much of it back into his research.

Does Nikola get respect? Google “Tesla” and you’ll have to scroll through about 6 pages before getting information on him. The first five pages are taken up with his Tesla car, and Tesla the rock band. AC/DC, the heavy metal band might also be considered a namesake of sorts.


Produced by George Martin

Monday, November 14, at 9pm on ThinkTV16

SOUNDBREAKING is the high profile PBS series running over eight nights starting 11/14. But before its premiere at 10pm, catch this profile of Sir George Martin, aka “the Fifth Beatle.”

He was the legendary producer who masterminded the sound behind SGT. PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND and MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR. But he also produced everything from orchestral music to comedy albums! He’s prominently featured in SOUNDBREAKING as well, no surprise since his son produced the series. In PRODUCED BY GEORGE MICHAEL, Paul and Ringo talk about George Martin’s work and influence.


Beary Tales

Tuesday, November 15, at 9pm on ThinkTV14

As you might guess from the saccharine title, this is story of baby bears that has more “Ooos” and “awwws” per minute than anything Disney has produced.

A forest ranger showed up at the home of a Czech wildlife photographer with a pair of orphaned bear cubs. Vaclav became the bear “mom”—bottle feeding them goat milk and honey and cleaning up their messes. He took them through their first steps and their first outings in the Bohemian Forest of Central Europe. But once they grew from defenseless babies to 135 pound teenager, Vaclav knew it was time to cut ties.

Yes, lots of “Ooos” and “Awwwws,” but this also deals with the complexity of humans influencing animals that need to return to the wild.


Van Morrison: Live at the Rainbow

Sunday, November 26, at 11pm on ThinkTV14

Tuesday, November 29, at 10pm on ThinkTV16

Wednesday, November 30, at 10pm on CET

Here’s a 1973 time capsule with the famed Irish singer (then 27, and a few pounds lighter) providing scorching renditions of his trademark hits “Brown Eyed Girl,” “Moondance” and “Domino.” He’s backed by the 11-piece Caledonia Soul Orchestra. This aired on the BBC, but hasn’t been seen over here until now.