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Mercy Street Season Two

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The much-anticipated second season of Mercy Street kicks off Sunday, January 22. What can we expect for this new season?

The acclaimed Civil War-era drama set in the occupied city of Alexandria, Virginia, picks up directly from the dramatic events at the end of the first season finale, continuing to explore life in the chaotic city of Alexandria, the complicated interpersonal dynamics of Dr. Foster, Nurse Mary and the Mansion House staff, the increasingly precarious position of the Green family and the changing world of the burgeoning black population. The second season will introduce a number of new elements, taking the viewer closer to the war and into the halls of Confederate power, all set against the intensifying war, starting with the Seven Days’ Battle and culminating with Antietam.

The new season of Mercy Street also delves deeper into the lives of newly freed African Americans, exploringamong other areaslife in a contraband camp, where formerly enslaved African Americans are forced to confront horrific living conditions and disease, but also get a glimpse of freedom.

New actors and guest stars introduced in Mercy Street Season Two include:

  • Patina Miller as Charlotte Jenkins, an educated contraband abolitionist activist who arrives in the first episode. A former slave who escaped to freedom years before through the Underground Railroad, Charlotte (a composite of numerous historical figures, most prominently Harriet Jacobs) offers education to other former slaves and helps with the sick who have contracted smallpox, which was epidemic during the Civil War.
  • Brían F. O’Byrne as Allan Pinkerton, head of the Union Intelligence Service. The character is based on the real Allan Pinkerton, a Scottish emigrant and abolitionist who founded America’s first detective agency and successfully brought down some of the country’s most ruthless criminals.
  • Bryce Pinkham as Maj. Clayton McBurney III, the new hospital chief.
  • Lyne Renee as Lisette Beaufort, a stylish and bold Parisian who has a past with Dr. Foster and creates a stir in the hospital when she accepts a commission with the Union Army in medical visual documentation.
  • Chris Wood as Captain Lance Van Der Berg, a handsome young Union captain lodging at the Green home when he strikes up a budding romance with Alice Green, who has ulterior motives for the courtship.
  • William Mark McCullough as Larkin, a Confederate sympathizer in league with Jimmy Green, who helps formulate a plan to provide rebel fighters with munitions.
  • Nyambi Nyambi as Caleb, a contraband who arrives at Mansion House Hospital searching for a particular woman.

The returning ensemble cast for Season Two of Mercy Street includes:

  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead as nurse Mary Phinney, a feisty New Englander and widow who is a newcomer at Mansion House Hospital.
  • Josh Radnor as Dr. Jedediah Foster, the civilian contract surgeon who grew up in a privileged Southern slave-owning household as the son of a wealthy Maryland landowner.
  • Gary Cole as James Green, Sr., patriarch of the Green family, struggling to maintain his family business while living in an occupied city.
  • Peter Gerety as Dr. Alfred Summers, chief surgeon at Mansion House, who has risen to the rank of major by virtue of his age, not skill.
  • Hannah James as Emma Green, an entitled Southern young woman who volunteers as a nurse at Mansion House Hospital, the facility established on the site of her family’s luxury hotel.
  • Brad Koed as James Green, Jr., working alongside his father in the family businesses while he desperately wants to be on the front lines for the Confederate cause.
  • Norbert Leo Butz as Dr. Byron Hale, an old-school army surgeon who lives life by the book. While Hale has an eye for the nurses, he has an ongoing relationship with Nurse Anne Hastings.
  • Tara Summers as nurse Anne Hastings, whose claim to fame is her experience working with Florence Nightingale in the Crimean War.
  • McKinley Belcher III as Samuel Diggs, a free black laborer harboring a secret knowledge of and ability in medicine, which he learned as a young servant.
  • Jack Falahee as Frank Stringfellow, a Confederate spy who is betrothed to Emma.
  • AnnaSophia Robb as Alice Green, Emma’s younger sister who, initially frivolous and naive, becomes the most fervently committed member of her family.
  • Donna Murphy as Jane Green, wife of James Green, Sr.,and mother to three, the quintessential Southern matriarch.
  • L. Scott Caldwell as Belinda, the Green family servant adjusting to life as a free woman.
  • Suzanne Bertish as Hospital Matron Brannan, the formidable Irish head nurse who sees and knows all at Mansion House.
  • Luke Macfarlane as Chaplain Hopkins, who, with a dark past, is newly committed to God and his work.

The first season of Mercy Street, which premiered on January 17, 2016, and ran for six episodes, reached a total audience of 14 million people and rated a 3.0, beating the PBS 10:00 p.m. Sunday timeslot on average by 70 percent over the season. It is the second highest rated drama for the year to date on PBS, after Downton Abbey on MASTERPIECE. The full season streamed over two million times (from January 14 – March 6, 2016) across all platforms, including PBS station websites, and PBS apps for iOS, Android, FireTV, ROKU, Apple TV and Windows 10.

We’re excited to see how everyone likes season two!