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New Documentary Traces the History of Jewish Immigration to America

Posted by Kellie May on

From the camera of Emmy Award-winning director Andrew Goldberg comes The Jewish Journey: America, a one-hour historical documentary set to give viewers a glimpse of the long and sometimes conflict-riddled history of Jewish Immigration to America. Featuring first-hand accounts and historical records provided by numerous scholars and notable Jewish Americans, this documentary premieres at 8pm Tuesday, March 3, on ThinkTV14 and at 8pm Thursday, March 5, on CET.

The Jewish Journey: America, narrated by Emmy Award-winning journalist Martha Teichener of CBS News, truly differs from other immigrant stories. With a history rooted in an ever-changing “Old Country” and a variety of motivations for immigration ranging from political refuge to economic opportunity and sanctuary from genocide, the Jewish immigration story is not one of a single group of people leaving a common land for shared reasons. The Jewish Journey: America intends to explore just what it meant to be part of a tight-knit Jewish community despite the vast array of backgrounds of the immigrants themselves. In this documentary, viewers will travel through the ages, following the trajectory of Jewish American life through all of its trials and tribulations, from the earliest 17th century arrivals, through the impact of the Nazi regime, the creation of Israel, and the modern challenges brought by 21st century cultural assimilation.  As the many historians and first to fourth generation Americans claim in this film, though the journey was full of risks, it came with the hope of a better life for future generations.

“You survive, you honor us by living,” says Holocaust survivor Martin Greenfield, quoting his father during an interview for the film. It is through this sentiment that The Jewish Journey: America hopes to be unique in its details yet universally understood by all of those who have come to this land from another shore.