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NOVA Wonders Explores Unanswered Questions

Posted by Kellie May on

Ever think about if animals have their own form of communication that humans can understand?  Or if we are alone in the universe? Or how our bodies work?  NOVA takes a deep dive into all of these questions and more on their new series, NOVA Wonders. 

NOVA Wonders takes complicated concepts and explains the scientific process behind them.  The series premieres Wednesday, April 25, at 8pm on CET Create (because of the CET Action Auction) and ThinkTV16. Following the premiere, a new one-hour episode will air each Wednesday on CET and ThinkTV16 through May 30. This series takes viewers from deep underwater to the far reaches of space to inside the human body to answer some tough questions and explore complicated debates.

“What is so unique about NOVA Wonders — and what distinguishes it from the original NOVA series — is the emphasis on unanswered questions,” said NOVA Wonders Executive Producer Julia Cort in a press release. “We’re riding along with researchers who are pushing the envelope of our knowledge about the universe and ourselves. They don’t have all the answers, but the thrill is in the journey and trying to solve a mystery for the very first time.”

Join mathematician and statistician Talithia Williams, computer scientist Rana El Kaliouby, and neuroscientist Andre Fenton as they embark on this journey and see how far we’ve come in our answers to these questions, how we got there, and how scientists are working to push the boundaries for more answers.  For more information on each episode, visit