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NOVA’s Kilauea – Hawai’i on Fire

Posted by Kellie May on

In May 2018, the Kīlauea volcano erupted, destroying neighborhoods with devastating force and uprooting thousands of residents. It was Hawaiʻi’s most destructive volcanic eruption in generations.

This frightening spike in Kīlauea’s activity transformed parts of the island paradise into a roaring inferno, spewing rock and causing massive destruction. So how can one of the most beautiful places on Earth suddenly transform into a roaring inferno?

Join scientists and local residents – on the scene early after the eruption – as they head underground to investigate the geological cause of the eruption in NOVA: Kilauea – Hawai’i on Fire. Along the way, some of Hawaiʻi’s biggest secrets are revealed: Why did these geologically distinctive volcanoes form in the middle of the Pacific? How did life establish itself on the remote islands? What does this tell us about the future of Hawaiʻi? And what dangers yet lurk for the inhabitants of the island paradise?

NOVA: Kilauea – Hawai’i on Fire airs Wednesday, June 23, at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16 and encores Tuesday, January 29, at 9pm on ThinkTV14.