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September & October Sleeper Picks

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Public Media Connect Chief Programming Officer Jim Wiener has his finger on the pulse of our upcoming programs, but he knows there are great shows that fly under the radar. That’s why he tells us about the Sleeper Picks! Check out what’s on Jim’s calendar this month and next:


World’s Most Expensive Food

Part 1: 9pm Thursday, September 22, on CET

Part 2: 9pm Thursday, September 29 on CET

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” And F. Scott Fitzgerald could have applied that to grocery shopping as well.

In London, at least, the super-rich have renowned food purveyors come to them.  Sure, they sample tins of caviar that cost a weekly paycheck per spoonful. But you have to watch just for the unwitting customer who samples some of the world’s most highly regarded and costly coffee, not realizing its “eeeeuuu” origins.


American Originals: Made on Main Street

8pm Thursday, September 27, on ThinkTV14

A look at old school businesses that still endure along American backroads, and a few profiled are not too far from here.

The Columbus Washboard Company in Logan (in the Hocking Hills of southeast Ohio) has manufactured hand-made washboards for over 120 years. Some are objects d’art, others are musical instruments, some are even used for their original intended purpose.

D. Picking & Co. in Bucyrus (30 miles west of Mansfield) has made copper kettles for 142 years. And Penn’s Store in Gravel Switch, KY (about 50 miles southwest of Lexington) is America’s oldest country store in continuous operation by the same family.


Suffragettes Forever! The Story of Women and Power

10pm Thursdays, October 6 through October 20, on ThinkTV16

This three-part series profiles the very lengthy struggle for women’s rights in Britain. You think women were oppressed here in the states? A day at the beach compared to across the pond.

As usual, the Brits center so much of the story around the talents of a “presenter,” and here, history professor Amanda Vickery is quite engaging. She looks like brainier sister of Dawn French, and reveals to us that the Edwardian suffragettes who won the vote were merely a culmination of a struggle dating back to the 18th century.


In Line with Anne Frank

9pm Monday, October 10, on ThinkTV16

Day in and day out, year after year, a line of people wind their way from a house that sits along a canal in Amsterdam. It is the home where Anne Frank and her family hid from Holland’s Nazi occupiers during World War II.  More than 70 years have passed, and yet visitors of all nationalities patiently wait in line to get their glimpse of where the family lived, and where Anne wrote in her diary the words that inspired millions.


As Ohio Goes…

9pm Monday, October 17, on CET and ThinkTV16

Our local production. With election day just over three weeks away, see why our state has proven a hugely critical battleground in Presidential elections in this century and why it has been hailed a bellwether state going back through the previous century. Political scientists and pundits alike talk of Ohio’s four corners and middle, five sections in all that mirror sections of the country overall.


Ohio Counts: Race for the Senate

7pm Thursday, October 20, on CET and ThinkTV16

11pm Thursday, October 20, on ThinkTV14

It’s been almost nothing but attack ads up to this point. Now you can see the incumbent Rob Portman and challenger Ted Strickland… attack each other face to face! No, it is the one chance many of us will have to see them talk actual issues in this live debate from Cleveland.


Prince Philip: The Plot to Make a King

9pm Thursday, October 27, on CET

The man who would marry Queen Elizabeth was something of public relations challenge for the Royal Family. Philip had a rather rambunctious youth, growing up in France and Germany and later Britain.

After serving in the navy during World War II, he continued correspondence with his third cousin, Princess Elizabeth. Their union was strategically engineered by Philip’s father, Lord Mountbatten, and King George granted permission for them to marry. But first, Philip had to have a makeover, namely throw off his Danish and Greek royal titles and become a naturalized Brit. They married in 1947, and she was crowned Queen five years later.


Last Dukes

9pm Monday, October 31, on ThinkTV16

Only 24 “non-royal ducal estates” remain in the UK, and the old line royals would be aghast at who has entered among their ranks. Among them is Bruce Murray, a South African sign maker who, at the age of 52, became the 12th Duke of Atholl.