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Sleeper Picks: American Comandante, In the Club, Secrets of Saint John Paul...

Posted by Kellie May on

Each month our program director, Jim Wiener, puts together a list of Sleeper Picks. These are programs he thinks our viewers will enjoy, but that aren’t getting as much publicity as our big shows. Here’s the lineup for the next month:

Independent Lens: An Honest Liar

Monday, March 28, at 10pm on CET

Friday, April 1, at 10:30pm on ThinkTV16

An art house hit comes to your home screen. Meet James “The Amazing” Randi, the famed magician and self-proclaimed “honest liar.” His career has been built on deception, so he knows it when he sees it. He’s dedicated his life to exposing faith healing frauds, fake psychics and con artists.

Secrets of Saint John Paul

Tuesday, April 5, at 9pm on ThinkTV16 and CET

When the Vatican undertakes the process of canonization, the incredibly long and laborious process involves a bit more than merely scrutinizing the resume and checking out references. So when Karol Wojtyla was elevated from Pope John Paul to Saint John Paul, did the Vatican know about Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka?

The philosopher struck up a friendship with then Cardinal Wojtyla back in 1973. Both were Polish, both lived under Nazi occupation during WWII and they collaborated on a book of philosophy. She studied in the U.S., married and had children, yet maintained a correspondence with John Paul. Their relationship was not viewed as illicit by any means. But was it a deep friendship? A platonic relationship?

Mapp & Lucia

Thursday, April 7, at 9pm on CET

If you loved the bon mots and sly jabs traded by Violet and Isobel in Downton Abbey, you’ll love this three-part Battle Royale between Miss Elizabeth Mapp (Miranda Richardson) and Mrs. Emmeline Lucas (Anna Chancellor) set in 1930 in the village of Tilling, a quaint village overrun with petty gossip and one-upsmanship. Based on a series of novels by E.F. Benson.

In the Club

Thursday, April 7, at 10pm on CET

This mini-series involves six pregnant women who bond while attending parenting classes. Each has their own story — Jasmin is unsure if the father of her baby is her husband or ex-boyfriend, Rosie is a school girl who becomes pregnant after her first time, Roanna is in her 40’s with a 27 year old boyfriend, Diane has gone through hell and high water just to conceive... Lifetime with a British accent? Or is that such a guy thing to say?

American Comandante: American Experience

Sunday, April 10, at 9pm on ThinkTV14

Here was a guy born in Cleveland, raised in Toledo, dropped out of high school, and had an undistinguished career in the Army. But then, in 1957, he heard his calling: to abandon his wife and kids and fight in the Cuban Revolution. He distinguished himself in the field to such an extent that he was one of only two foreigners promoted to the rank of comandante in Castro’s army. The other foreigner to earn that distinction? Che Guevara.