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Summer Camp at home with PBS Parents

Posted by Kellie May on


If you’re a kid, summer is the best time of year, but if you’re a parent or grandparent, it can have its challenging moments. How do you keep your kids engaged when they don’t have school during the day? How do you help them avoid the summer slide? And how do you keep them from staring at a computer, tablet or TV screen for 3 months?


PBS Parents recently released a special “Summer Camp” webpage that’s full of free (or nearly free) activities, ways to include learning in summer fun, cool outdoor activities and so much more.  There’s even a summer bucket list for 2014 that includes activities like catching fireflies, making homemade popsicles (recipe included), going to the county fair and building a bug house.


Check it out and let us know some of your favorite summer activities in the comments! Here’s the link to the camp page:


We also especially love the bucket list: