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The Dunkirk Miracle Next on NOVA

Posted by Kellie May on

Some days, you just need a miracle.  For the French in May of 1940, they needed a big one. 

World War II was in full swing and by May of 1940, France had fallen to the German army.  400,000 Allied troops were trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk and these troops were sitting ducks, awaiting for their certain death.  All hope lost and the future seemed grim with Britain surrendering becoming more certain.  They needed a miracle.  And it seemed like they weren’t going to get one. 

Then it happened- in the forms Royal Navy ships and a flotilla of civilian boats.  These boats evacuated hundreds of thousands of soldiers from the beach of Dunkirk and transported them across the Channel.  This event came to be known as the “Miracle of Dunkirk.”

Next on NOVA, we follows a team of historians and archeologists as they take a look at the evidence of how the operation was led to success.  NOVA: Escape from Dunkirk dives into the classified files to uncover the secrets of the miracle, including a claim that the Royal Air Force failed to protect stranded men from the consistent bombing on the beaches. 

NOVA sheds light on the truth, debunks the rumors and highlights the heroes of the mission.  Tune in Wednesday, February 14th at 9pm on CET to learn the story.