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The Hollow Crown – The Wars of the Roses

Posted by Kellie May on

If you’re fan of The Hollow Crown and/or Shakespeare’s history plays, you’ll want to join us for the The Hollow Crown: The War of The Roses starting on Sunday, December 11, at 9pm on ThinkTV16 and CET.

The first series of The Hollow Crown (2013) covered the so-called Henriad comprising Richard IIHenry IV, Parts I and II and Henry V.  This lavish three-part follow-up, The Wars of the Roses, picks up the story with epic film versions of Henry VI (in two parts) and Richard III.

The new series aired to great acclaim on the BBC this May. Veteran theater critic Michael Billington noted in his review that “Shakespeare outdoes ‘Game of Thrones,’” adding “[Director Dominic] Cooke directs with such sweep and …there are so many tremendous performances.” In his review of the first episode in the Telegraph, Tim Auld observed, “What Cooke captures is the scope, the daring and the savage headlong rush of the poet’s imagination...”

The series features Benedict Cumberbatch as Richard III, Tom Sturridge as Henry VI, Sophie Okonedo as Queen Margaret, Hugh Bonneville as Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, Judi Dench as Cecily, Duchess of York, Sally Hawkins as Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester, and Keeley Hawes as Queen Elizabeth.

Sam Mendes, executive producer for Neal Street Productions, said: “Seven years after we very first suggested the idea to the BBC, yet again we have assembled an amazing cast under the direction of the hugely talented Dominic Cooke. I'm very excited indeed to see them all bring the rest of this astonishing story to life.”

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