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"The Outback" Premieres on Wednesday

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s large as California, the Kimberley region of Australia has a population of only about 40,000 people, who live alongside animals that have superbly adapted to the harsh and beautiful extremes of their habitat. Meet them and explore the region they call home starting August 1 with the new three-part series The Outback.

Australia’s vast North West corner is a startling landscape, one so ancient that, in parts, it predates life on the planet. It can appear arid and empty, but is filled with animals that have adapted to its harsh climate. Many are nocturnal, well camouflaged or prone to secrecy, from creatures reminiscent of the ancient landscape, like the saltwater crocodile, owner of the world’s most powerful jaws, to the most delicate of marsupial mice. The Outback captures the life of these animals over the course of the dramatic wet and dry seasons that dictate their cycles of life.

From the Outback’s red-hot heart, to its spectacular and pristine coastline, a particular breed of people also inhabit this land. The Outback is their story – past and present, tough and compassionate. The people are the indigenous custodians whose understanding of the land, its animals and its seasons harks back to the oral storytelling and dreamtime of ancient generations. They work with and beside scientists sharing knowledge and interpretations of the land. There are the station owners and workers who live together on some of the world’s most remote cattle properties, battling heat, flies and the sheer breadth of their grazing lands. There are archaeologists stunned by rock art discoveries and “wildlife carers” who nurture orphaned animals – no matter the hour of the day.  We meet the gold diggers, the ornithologists, the dedicated volunteers and the dreamers with big ideas.

The Outback airs Wednesdays, August 1, 8 and 15, at 8pm on CET and ThinkTV16. You can learn more about the three-part series online at http://www.thinktv.org/air/featured-programs/outback/ or http://www.cetconnect.org/featured-programs/outback/.