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“The Talk” Offers Insight on the Challenges Between Police and Families of Color

Posted by Kellie May on

It’s no secret that tensions have been rising between people of color and the law enforcement. America is deep in a challenging time in regards to diversity and equality, among other issues. The Talk - Race in America, premiering this week on CET and ThinkTV16 during Black History Month, investigates the increasingly common conversation taking place between parents of color and their children about their behavior in a situation where they are stopped by the police. An example of some of the dialogue in these sorts of conversations would be:

If you are stopped by the police:

Always answer “yes sir, no sir”; never talk back; don’t make any sudden movements; don’t put your hands in your pockets; obey all commands; if you think you are falsely accused, save it for the police station. I would rather pick you up at the station than the morgue…

This two-hour documentary looks at the points of view of children, parents, the police and the general community to shed some light on the issue. Filmed all across the country, The Talk includes interviews with police, academics, and activists from St. Louis, Missouri; Oakland, California; Memphis, Tennessee; and Cleveland, Ohio. Each story throughout The Talk is produced by a different filmmaker to further encourage a diversity of perspectives. Among those being interviewed are activist and founder of The Ethics Project, Dr. Christi Griffin. Griffin created a program called “Parent 2 Parent” in which black parents talk inform white parents about “the talk.” A retired NYPD sergeant named Trevena Garel will also be weighing in on the issues from a police perspective.

The Talk will also include subjects who were mistreated by police at some point in the past including Samaria Rice, the mother of Tamir Rice, who was tragically killed by the Cleveland police while playing with a toy gun at the park. Also contributing to the victim point of view will be Reverend Catherine Brown, who was assaulted by the Chicago police in front of her own children.

There will be plenty of celebrities weighing in on the issue too, including Kenya Barris, creator/executive-producer of Peabody Award-winning ABC series Black-ish, and rapper/activist Nas.

The Talk - Race in America airs at 9pm Monday, February 20, on ThinkTV16 and CET. You can watch an interview clip and read more at http://www.thinktv.org/air/featured-programs/talk-race-america/ or http://www.cetconnect.org/featured-programs/talk-race-america/