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ThinkTV Presents "The Choice 2016"

Posted by Kellie May on

Political drama set aside, who are our Republican and Democrat candidates? Really take some time to think about that question. Sure, you know the names Trump and Clinton, but WHO are they? What’s behind the campaigns? And why do they want to take on one of the most challenging jobs imaginable?

On September 27, ThinkTV and CET will present the two-hour special Frontline: The Choice 2016. This program is an interwoven, investigative biography of Clinton and Trump that draws on dozens of interviews from those who know the candidates best — friends and family, advisors and adversaries — as well as authors, journalists and political insiders.

“Both candidates have high unfavorability ratings, and the bitter divide in this country makes it incredibly hard for people to understand how others could support the candidate on the opposite side,” Frontline: The Choice Producer, Michael Kirk said in a press release. “After watching The Choice 2016, no matter where your allegiance lies, you’ll come away with a new and richer understanding of who the opposing candidates are, and how and why he or she has reached this point.”

From their childhoods, to their college experiences, to their tumultuous careers, The Choice 2016 investigates formative moments in the lives of Donald Trump, who has challenged the establishment at every turn, and Hillary Clinton, who has become the first female presidential nominee.

Frontline: The Choice 2016 will air at 9pm Tuesday, September 27, on CET and ThinkTV16 and will stream for free online at Frontline will also debut a series of documentary shorts on its digital platforms taking viewers inside key moments in each candidate’s life on the PBS website.

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