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Two Programs Highlight Escapes from the Holocaust

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With Holocaust Remembrance Day coming up on April 24th, it’s a great time for serious reflection and to remember those who were victims to one of mankind’s largest atrocities. This coming Wednesday, April 19, ThinkTV16 and CET are honoring those who were lost and who suffered with two educational programs about prison camp escapes during the Holocaust. At 9pm, we’ll be airing NOVA: Holocaust Escape Tunnel followed by Escape from a Nazi Death Camp at 10pm. Read on to learn more about each program.


NOVA: Holocaust Escape Tunnel

Wednesday, April 19, at 9pm on ThinkTV16 and CET

After Vilna, a sacred area sometimes referred to as “the Jerusalem of the North” was invaded by the Nazis. What was once a center for Jewish culture and learning turned into a grave for many. Eventually, the Soviets approached closer to Vilna. To hide their crimes, the Nazis attempted to burn all the corpses and remaining survivors before the Soviets were upon them. Knowing they were on borrowed time, the survivors decided to hatch an escape plan – using a long underground tunnel. Prisoners could only work at night and had to be quiet or risk being killed. With improvised tools and their hands, the prisoners dug for 76 nights before their tunnel was complete. Tune in to find out more about the escape tunnel and how archaeologists discovered it.


Escape from a Nazi Death Camp

Wednesday, April 19, at 9pm on CET and ThinkTV16

Sobibor: the Nazi death camp that would become famous for the largest and most successful prison revolt in World War II history. Relive the events of the revolt through the docu-drama Escape from a Nazi Death Camp. Filmmakers interviewed Sobibor survivors and then turned those interviews into a fast-paced reenactment aimed at giving viewers a sense of how much effort and risk went into the Sobibor revolt. Learn when the idea to escape was hatched and how a mysterious note discovered in the pocket of a recently exterminated prisoner cemented the decision to escape.