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Unlock the History of the National Mall

Posted by Kellie May on

Whether you're on the hunt for a stunning monument or you're seeking some of the world's most dynamic museums, the National Mall is the place to be. Often called America's Front Lawn, the National Mall draws millions of visitors each year - although many of them have only a vague sense of the struggles involved in creating this unique space.

CET and ThinkTV16 are inviting our viewers to unlock the history of this famous space when we air The National Mall - America's Front Yard at 8pm Tuesday, April 21.

Using a mixture of contemporary and archival footage, state-of-the-art graphics and fly-over aerials, this program trace's the Mall's, and the country's, development. From its conception in 1791 by French-born artist Pierre L'Enfant to its current status as one of the most familiar and cherished icons of our democracy, the story of the Mall mirrors the story of the United States.

Go behind the scenes of the design, learn about the famous cherry blossoms and see how some of the monuments came to be with the videos below.