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Wallander’s Fourth and Final Season

Posted by Kellie May on

Kenneth Branagh returns to MASTERPIECE for the fourth and final season of his Emmy- and Golden Globe-nominated role as Wallander, the soul-searching Swedish cop based on the novels of Henning Mankell, who died in 2015.

Even from the first season of Wallander in 2009, the cop’s days have seemed numbered. In addition to dealing with northern Europe’s most violent and deranged criminals, Wallander battles personal demons and appalling health habits, which led him to be diagnosed with diabetes. Now, as he starts to lose his memory, his greatest fear is that he is succumbing to the same disease that felled his father: Alzheimer’s. Branagh’s portrayal of this terrifying struggle is a heartbreaking performance.

Returning with Branagh in the final season are longtime ensemble members Jeany Spark (Da Vinci’s Demons) as Wallander’s daughter, Linda, now married and a mother, bringing a ray of light to her detective dad, who makes a very doting grandfather; and Richard McCabe (Indian Summers) as the gloomy but good-hearted forensic pathologist, Sven Nyberg. Introduced last season and back for this is Ingeborga Dapkunaite (Prime Suspect 6) as Baiba Liepa, a beautiful Latvian musician and police widow, who teamed up with Wallander in Riga to escape a death squad run by one her late husband’s colleagues. And MASTERPIECE’s Downton Abbey fans will recognize a new cast member, Harry Hadden-Paton (Edith’s gentleman friend in Season 6), who plays Linda’s workaholic husband, Hans.

In this Final Season, Wallander keeps burning his candle at both ends, dodging knives, bullets, vicious dogs, homicidal motorcyclists, and a sense that he is losing his focus. Will mishap, medical leave, suspension, or a well-earned retirement be his final exit from this punishing profession? The poignant end game unfolds in these thrilling cases. Learn more at http://www.thinktv.org/air/featured-programs/wallander-final-season/ or http://www.cetconnect.org/featured-programs/wallander-final-season/