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Asthma Awareness

The Community Asthma Awareness, Resources and Education (CAARE) Project is a unique partnership between the American Lung Association of the Midland States, ThinkTV and CET. Together, we have developed two programs to increase asthma awareness for those serving two of the most susceptible populations: young children and athletes. CAARE is made possible thanks to support from The United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

CAARE Asthma AwarenessCAARE for Care Providers delivers asthma education to an underserved population of adults caring for children with asthma in southwestern Ohio. Over 13 percent of Ohio's children will be diagnosed with asthma during their lifetimes. To date, nearly 3,000 caregivers have received training in Cincinnati and Dayton.

Childcare providers participating in the project generally succeed in:
• Learning to identify asthma symptoms;
• Learning to identify asthma triggers;
• Making reductions in asthma triggers in their child care environments.



CAARE Asthma Awareness for Student AthletesCAARE for Student Athletes is directed at providing asthma education for coaches and physical education teachers in Cincinnati and Dayton area schools. In addition to workshops, the project also produced a new video about exercise-induced asthma, which is available below.




CAARE for Student Athletes receives support from the Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati and the Cambridge Charitable Foundation.