Instructional Television


Every weekday during the school year ThinkTV offers instructional programming on ThinkTV 16 from 12:00-2:00pm. In addition to programming across the content areas for K-12 classrooms, ThinkTV’s ITV lineup includes a STEM program block Monday through Friday from 12:00-12:30 which brings exciting programs relating to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The Instructional Television Program Schedule that follows is your guide to accessing the rich media content for use in your classroom. The guide is a searchable, downloadable PDF, which allows you to print the program schedule in its entirety, or, just the pages you need.

Instructional television can add a new dimension to your classroom by exposing your students to new places and new learning. ITV can be used to introduce or teach subject content, motivate or expand class discussion, and reinforce what has been taught. ThinkTV's ITV Guide provides instructional television schedules for ThinkTV16, along with multimedia curriculum materials and professional development opportunities offered to all teachers in our service area.

If you have questions about ThinkTV’s educational offerings, please contact Debi Thevenin at (937) 220-1708.

Download Instructional TV Guide 2013-2014 PDF »



Photo (at left):
Top: Teaching Channel; Second row, left: Design Squad Nation; Second row, right: Biz Kid$
Third row: SciGirls; Fourth row, left: ; Fourth row, top right: Dragonfly TV; Fourth row, bottom right: ; Fifth row: ; Sixth row, left: Dragonfly TV Hosts, Michael, Meriko, and Eric; Sixth row, right: ; Bottom: Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip All New 2013-2014