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World War II: Exploring Your Local History

World War II: Exploring Your Local History is a high school curriculum designed to engage students in learning about World War II. The purpose of this project is to help students learn about the impact of World War II in their own communities and make connections between local history and world events. The videos included in this resource serve to help make this connection by providing a larger overview of America’s role in the war, offering a look at how museum professionals and historians research and interpret the past, as well as illustrate how to go about conducting veteran interviews for the Library of Congress Veterans Oral History Project. Chaptered versions of Think TV’s When Dayton Went to War, six WWII veteran history interviews, as well as a primary source PowerPoint are included.

The videos, as well as the accompanying lessons, are aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards for grades 9-12 and are designed to be adaptable. Teachers can include all or part of each lesson into their teaching. Through the lessons, students will learn to identify and analyze primary sources, conduct local history research, and conduct veteran history interviews. The lessons culminate in a final project created for National History Day –a national competition much like a science fair in which students create projects based on their own original research.

World War II: Exploring Your Local History Lesson Plans

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The bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 changed life in Dayton and throughout the world forever. ThinkTV looks back at life in and around Dayton during the war years, 1941 to 1945. What happened here while "our boys were over there."