Early Learning

About Ready to Learn

View Read Do Always use View, Read & Do with children to extend the learning from television.

View: Actively watch while the program is on, ask questions, talk about what you see, dance with the music. 

Read: Select a book that goes along with one of the topics presented, ask open-ended questions (a question that has more than one answer—“What do you think he should do?” or even “Which do you like best?”).

Do: Have the children do a fun activity: cook, color, walk, play games, tell stories, search for hidden items, make toys or musical instruments, etc., whatever the topic suggests from the program.

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Q. How do I schedule a station tour for my classroom?
A. We conduct station tours Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm.  If you would like to set up a station tour or request a special tour date or time please call (937) 220-1708 or email: dthevenin@thinktv.org.
Q. Where can I attend an early learning workshop?
A. Our community workshops help parents, educators and child care providers extend the learning value of our educational program offerings. Click here for a complete list of community workshops.  For more information or to register for a workshop call Tina Spaulding (937-220-1670) or email at: tspaulding@thinktv.org.
Q. How can I help make sure my child is prepared to begin school?
A. ThinkTV’s Ready to Learn service is designed to help young children become effective learners.  Use “View, Read, Do” to extend your child’s television learning. 
Q. What is the PBS Kids Writers Contest?
A. This contest was created to encourage children to express themselves through writing and drawing.  Each year we invite children to write, illustrate and submit stories to ThinkTV.  First, second and third place winners are chosen in four categories Kindergarten, first, second and third grades.  Contact Debi Thevenin  (937-220-1708), email: dthevenin@thinktv.org for more information.