Ready to Learn Workshops

ThinkTV Network is pleased to provide Ready To Learn to southwestern Ohio. This national service was designed to help young children become effective learners both in schools and throughout their lives. The core of ThinkTV's Ready To Learn service is the 62 hours of children's programs offered on ThinkTV 16/14 every week. Specially produced 'program break' segments delivering educational messages urge children to be creative, curious, cooperative and responsible learners.

Listed below are times and dates and descriptions of Ready To Learn workshops. These are part of a series of free workshops open to the public. Workshops include picture books, videos, copies and other educational materials.

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Training provided by ThinkTV
Preschool Asthma: Triggers and Solutions – 2 hours

Asthma is a major public health problem of increasing concern in the United States. It is a chronic illness affecting almost ten percent of the population. In the past decade there have been significant advances in asthma management, giving most people with asthma the opportunity to live active and healthy lives. Besides proper medical treatment, controlling triggers is the most important method of controlling symptoms. Asthma symptoms are worst during the summer and allergy seasons. Attend this workshop to get ideas on how you can help children who suffer from asthma. Parents, child-care providers and early childhood professionals invited. CEU credit available.

Pathways to Literacy – Writing to Read – 2 hours

Reading is important skill and writing is one way to learn about reading. Learning the structure of writing helps children understand the structure of our language and the mechanics of reading. Invented spelling is one aspect of writing to read. Join us for some research and techniques on using writing to teach reading skills. Step Up To Quality approved.

Pathways to Literacy – Building Vocabulary – 2 hours

This workshop explores the many ways to build vocabulary so that children will recognize words when they see them or sound them out. Vocabulary can be built in a variety of ways, including: hands-on experiences, games, reading stories, and conversation. Join us on a tour of ideas, games and activities that lend themselves to building vocabulary. Step Up To Quality approved.

Pathways to Literacy – Concepts of Print – 2 hours

To children, the print on a storybook page is part of the picture. Logos contain letters artfully disguised. Drawings by children often include letters free floating in the picture. Learn ways to help children recognize print, identify high frequency words, and use print as a way to communicate. Use the Content Standards and the Core Knowledge Competencies to address the things children need to know. Step Up To Quality approval approved.

Math Is Everywhere: Preschool Math Concepts

Math can be found everywhere. There is geometry in shapes and number in size and order. Explore the many math concepts that can be part of early childhood settings. Story books, recipes and video all hold math concepts. Using and pointing out the concepts on a daily basis helps teach children math skills.

Montgomery County Workshop descriptions
Understanding the Preschool Child – 2 hours

Understanding the preschooler and how the child learns is key to providing quality child care as well as keeping your sanity. Preschool children need to have hands-on learning. They will pick up, touch, and handle everything they can reach. They can parrot back what we say, but they will not really understand what we mean until they do it themselves. Attend this workshop for some easy ways to put into practice what you learn about preschool child development. Step Up To Quality approved.

Organizing Your Home for Child Care Success – 2 hours

Setting up a space for child care requires planning and persistence. When it is your home, you have more choices and more limitations. Use shelving, pillows, sheer curtains and rugs to define areas and improve behavior and learning. This workshop will look at ways to maximize your space to benefit both you and the children. Step Up To Quality approved.

Resolving Conflicts Successfully – 2 hours

In this session we will discuss and practice several conflict resolution methods, including reading books that discuss feelings and resolutions. Resolving conflicts is a skill that can be learned. Both the adult and the child need to take time to practice resolving conflicts every time they occur. The preschool child needs many repetitions to learn any new skills. Step Up To Quality pending.

Making Learning Fun – 2 hours

Children are born with the desire to learn. When allowed to explore, children learn through hands-on experiences which can be fun for everyone. Hands-on learning teaches many skills while having fun. This session will discuss some theory and demonstrate the practice of hands-on learning in several academic areas. Step Up To Quality pending.

Supporting/ Encouraging Parent Communication – 2 hours

Parents are crucial to successful child care. When teachers and parents are on the same side the children thrive. This session covers many ways to work with parents and get them to want to work with you. Positive Communication is important when working with parents. We will demonstrate some easy ways to grow relationships with parents. Step Up To Quality pending.