Speaking of Women's Health 2012 Honoree

Each year at the Speaking of Women’s Health Conference in Dayton, ThinkTV recognizes a woman who is dedicated and committed to improving the overall health, well-being, and personal safety of women in the Miami Valley.

She is a woman who is outstanding in her achievements for our community, is a role model for other women, and is a strong leader.  Maybe she’s a volunteer, a teacher or coach. She may be your mom, sister, aunt or a friend who has gone outside of her profession to impact the lives of women, families and children. This unsung hero is promoting and supporting their health, well-being and personal safety.

The ThinkTV Speaking of Women’s Health Honoree will be recognized at the conference luncheon on Saturday November 3, 2012 at the Dayton Convention Center.

Please note that nominations have closed.  The 2012 Honoree will be selected soon, so check back and see who we will be celebrating on November 3rd!

Past Speaking of Women’s Health Honorees:

Susan Caperna - 2011
Juanita Bradley - 2010
Sara T. Pappa - 2009
Cheryl Spencer - 2008
Edythe Lewis - 2007
Rosemary Bradford - 2006
Karen Marshall - 2006
Angela Goodwine - 2005
Judy Ray - 2005
Karen Lorenz-Levin - 2004
Myra Morgan-Bowser - 2004
Joan Palmer - 2003
Lisa Martinez - 2003
Suzanne J. Choiniere - 2002
Frankye Herald - 2002
Anne McNeill - 2001
Gail Johnson - 2001
Lorrie Ellis - 2001
Linda L. Reilman, MD - 2001