The ThinkTVNetwork is celebrating its 12th anniversary of hosting the Speaking of Women’s Health Conference here in Dayton.  As we look back on all of the years of hosting the conference we want to celebrate what this great event has done for the women, and their families, who have attended the conference.

“I have attended this event since the very first year as an RN doing screenings then as a participant. This has become a traditional day for me and my sister and I cannot tell you how much information we get from this event.” – Kathy, Vandalia

When I attended Speaking of Women’s Health in 2009 I was very interested in the screening for skin cancer.  I had a dry patch of skin on my nose that was irritating me and I wanted to ask the dermatologist for her thoughts.  Without a second of hesitation she told me it was cancer and to have it removed as soon as possible.  A few weeks later it was removed and today I continue to have skin cancer checks routinely.” – Marleen, Kettering

Excellent way for busy people to pause and ‘think’ of ourselves. The better we are to ourselves the better we are in helping others.”, Thelma, Cincinnati

I have attended the Speaking of Women’s Health conference numerous times and each year I enjoy inviting new friends to go with me.  We always walk away from the event with a deep appreciation to all those who made the conference possible and for the wonderful individuals who provided us with knowledge and valuable resources.  Our bodies are living healthier lifestyles because of this event. Thank you!”  - Kathleen, Oakwood

Thank you very much for providing this event!”, Susan, Cincinnati

If you or someone you know has been impacted by this event, please submit your experience to Emily Milkis at emilkis@thinktv.org. We are happy to share all of the wonderful ways that this conference has helped women to make informed decisions about their health, well-being and personal safety.