You Tell the Story: An Ohio History Project is a digital story-telling project designed to engage fourth and fifth grade students in Ohio history while improving their technology skills. Students will focus on two key Social Studies themes: Ohio Native Americans or early Ohio settlers. After research and exploration on each of these topics, students will create their own narratives about the past through digital story presentations.

Students will use simple video software to create their stories. To help get them started a step-by-step online tutorial is available on the "How To" section of this Web site. A resources disc with multi media files for use in creating their stories is available to low wealth schools; the resource disc is available to other school districts upon request. In the spring of 2010, ThinkTV will hold a contest for the best student project; winners will be able to purchase more technology for their classroom.

To get started with You Tell the Story: An Ohio History Project in your classroom, visit the teachers page for additional information and to download a .PDF teacher guide.