The goal of You Tell the Story: An Ohio History Project is to engage fourth and fifth grade students in Ohio history while inspiring their imagination, sparking creativity, and improving their technology skills while at the same time addressing Ohio Academic Content Standards for Language Arts and Social Studies.

Students will work with simple video editing software to create their stories and use multi media clips available on the You Tell the Story: Storytelling Tools resource disc. The Storytelling resource disc contains ready-to-use video, audio, image, and music files for students to include in their stories. The You Tell the Story: Storytelling Tools resource disc will be distributed to all low wealth schools in the Think TV viewing area. Upon request, Storytelling Tools will also be made available free to Low wealth schools around Ohio. You may request a copy of the Storytelling Tools disc by contacting Debi Thevenin at: or 937-220-1707.

To help students get started working with the video editing software, a step-by-step online tutorial is available in the "How To" section of this site to guide them along the way. Students can share their finished stories with others by uploading their project on the "Submit Your Story Page" of this site. Each story will be featured in our online gallery and will be automatically entered into a student story contest in the Spring of 2010. Winners will be able to purchase more technology for their classroom.

A teacher guide including a lesson overview and procedure is available as a printable .PDF for download here.