Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month – Sept. 15 through Oct. 15 – is a great opportunity to honor and commemorate the achievements, cultures and histories of those with Hispanic ancestry.

ThinkTV will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a variety of special programs including the following:


POV:  El Velador (The Night Watchman)
Thursday, Sept. 27, at 11pm on ThinkTV16
Follow a guard as he watches over the extravagant mausoleums of Mexico’s most notorious drug lords.


Voces on PBS: Tales of Masked Men
Friday, Sept. 28, at 11pm on ThinkTV16
Mexican wrestling and its role in Latino communities in the United States and Mexico are explored.


Voces on PBS: Escaramuza: Riding from the Heart
Friday, Oct. 5, at 11pm on ThinkTV16
A gutsy team of women rodeo riders vie to represent the US at the National Charro Championships.


Voces on PBS: Unfinished Spaces
Friday, Oct. 12, at 11pm on ThinkTV16
Three architects in their 80s may get a chance to revitalize a project they began in Cuba in 1961.


Voces on PBS: Lemon
Friday, Oct. 19, at 11pm on ThinkTV16
A poet/performer tries to bring his story to the New York stage while battling his darkest demons.