Odd Squad | Kids & Family | ThinkTV

ThinkTV is excited to announce the premiere of a new PBS Kids program – ODD SQUAD. This live-action show follows two young government agents, Olive and Otto, who use math skills and collaboration to investigate weird and unusual phenomena.

Odd Squad airs at 7am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday on ThinkTV16.

ODD SQUAD was created by Tim McKeon (The Electric Company, Fosterʼs Home for Imaginary Friends, Adventure Time) and Adam Peltzman (The Electric Company, The Backyardigans, Wallykazam!) and produced by The Fred Rogers Company and Sinking Ship Entertainment.

In each episode of ODD SQUAD, the young agents use math to put things right when oddness strikes. Olive and Otto solve cases ranging from disappearing zeroes to runaway dinosaurs, and the agents often find additional clues in the “Mathroom,” a futuristic space that is just a teleport away.

The ODD SQUAD television series is part of a multiplatform media experience that will include interactive content online and on mobile. With ODD SQUAD’s digital content, kids will have the opportunity to solve cases and stop oddness, just like Olive and Otto and the rest of the Odd Squad. The show’s interactive features will include games, parent resources, mobile apps and more, which can be found online: http://pbskids.org/oddsquad/