Family Nutrition Tips

Nutrition TipsThinkTV is dedicated to bringing trusted information about health and nutrition to you and your family. Whether it's through programs like Sesame Street or Arthur -- on air or in special areas of -- we strive to provide you and your family with ideas for eating healthy. The choices we make can lead to healthy lives and families -- and a healthy community.

Toward that goal, our sister station, CET, has developed a partnership with the Cincinnati Nutrition Council. With support from Meijer, we are pleased to present these nutrition tips.


Small Bites - Beautiful Berries

Small Bites - Food Adventures

Small Bites - Frozen Fruit


Small Bites - Eat a Rainbow

Small Bites - Berries

Small Bites - Food Adventure

Small Bites - Frozen Fruit

Small Bites - Water

Small Bites - Grain Train

Small Bites - Orange

Small Bites - Vegetable Soup

Small Bites - Pizza Wreaths

Small Bites - Hot Chocolate



About Lauren Niemes

Lauren NiemesLauren is a registered dietitian and the Executive Director of the Nutrition Council, a nonprofit agency helping to make a healthier community through innovative nutrition education and physical activity programs.

Lauren received her BS degree in Dietetics from the University of Cincinnati. She completed a clinical dietetic internship at New England Medical Center and earned a Masters of Education with an emphasis in nutrition from Tufts University in Boston. With 25 years of experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics, she has been the Dietetics Program Director at the University of Cincinnati, a research nutritionist at the University Medical Center and worked at the Cincinnati Center for Developmental Disorders.