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My ThinkTV

What is My ThinkTV?

My ThinkTV allows our members access to make changes/updates and check the status of account information including:

•  Change personal information.  Members can update street address, phone number and email address
•  Change payment information including updating credit numbers or expiration dates. 
•  Print your own tax receipt 
•  Check the status of your membership
•  Change or increase your sustaining level
•  Make a donation
•  Make a comment or ask a question

How do I set up my My ThinkTV account?

Please note: New member accounts can take up to 48 hours to process.

Step 1: Click the Member login link on

Step 2: Click the "Sign up for an account" link on the E-member login page.

Step 3: Fill out and submit the form.  You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been approved.

How do I login to my My ThinkTV account?

Step 1: Click the "MyThinkTV Login" link on the right hand side of the Support page:

Step 2: Enter you username and password then click the login button.

What if I have a question about My ThinkTV account?

Please contact Member Services at or call 937-220-1660 or 1-800-247-1614.

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