Breathe Easy: Adult Asthma Lunch Session

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Noon - 1pm
Vandalia Senior Citizens Center
21 Tionda Drives, Vandalia
Children aren’t the only ones who get asthma. Adults without a history of breathing disorders can suddenly find themselves gasping for breath. How does that happen? What is asthma and what causes it? Is asthma preventable? Find the answers to these questions and more when Betty Rudy-Gray, Good Samaritan Hospital’s Pulmonary Patient Educator, talks about asthma and how it’s managed. This a free Lunch-N-Learn event co-hosted by Good Samaritan Hospital and BrookHaven Retirement Community.
*A complimentary lunch will be served, but reservations are required. To RSVP please call: 1-888-265-8833