Digital TV

ThinkTV is now broadcasting a digital signal only.

If you have a converter box or a digital television set and can no longer receive ThinkTV’s program services you may need to rescan for channels in order to restore service.  If you have an analog television set you will need a digital converter box in order to receive our broadcast signal.

To scan, rescan or search for channels

If you have a converter box, you need to rescan the converter box, using your converter box remote, not your analog TV remote. If you have a digital TV (and no converter box), you will need to rescan the TV using your TV remote.


  • Every converter box and every digital TV needs to be scanned when it is new.
  • If you lose a digital station you previously received -- rescan!


  • Scanning is simple. Your TV or converter box knows how to do it.
  • You use your remote control and the menu function to start a scan.
  • If you have a digital TV, use the remote control for the digital TV. If you have a converter box, use the remote control for the converter box. 
  • Look for the menu button on the remote.
  • Consult your owner's manual for instructions. The up/down and left/right buttons move you through the on-screen menu.
  • Once you start, don't press any buttons until the screen says the scan is complete. This could take a few minutes.


If you are using a converter box and an analog  television set the same antenna you used on your analog set should also provide you with good digital reception.  Some people, however, may have to purchase an antenna in order to receive clear audio and picture.  More information about antennas is available at